Weight Loss and Fitness Services Highlights :

With an increase in the number of hours spent indoors, thanks to virtual schooling, training and the on-going work-from-home culture, there has been a major shift of lifestyle from active to sedentary. A major drawback of which has been an unwarranted weight gain. Weight Gain if left unmanaged can lead to obesity which in turn acts as a major risk factor to many lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and hormonal imbalances.

At AquaCentric, Weight loss and fitness are managed through a Holistic program consisting of an in-house nutritional guidance and exercise therapy via Aqua and Land based Plans.

Overview of the Fitness Program

In House Nutrition consult

● Land Based Exercises

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Strength Training
  • Outdoor Functional Training

● Aqua Based Programs

  • Aqua Treadmill
  • Aqua Cycle/ Aqua Elliptical
  • Aqua Strength

● Aqua+Land Based Program

● Sports Massage- Deep Tissue Massage by a certified sports Massage Therapist that helps to boost recovery and reduce exercise induced soreness.

Benefits of Exercising in water :

Lesser risks of Injury

With traditional land based exercises, the major hindrance is joint pain and risk of injury with aerobic, high impact land based exercises. With an increase in body weight, the pressure and overall stress on the joints are also increased.

Water, being a gravity eliminated environment ensures minimal to negligible weight on the exercising joints which makes it a risk free exercise medium.

Greater Resistance with more calorie burn

With traditional land based exercises, the major hindraThe viscosity of water creates a natural drag force which acts like a natural resistance. Thus doing any activities like running, jumping or even walking acts as a resisted workout that helps burn more calories than its equivalent exercise on land.

Higher compliance to exercise routine

Being a low impact environment, the overall stresses on painful joints are also reduced, making exercises a pain free experience. The soreness after exercising in water is also much lesser compared to that on land. All these factors contribute to a higher adherence or compliance rate to exercises.

Aquatic Program Highlights :

Aqua Cardio :

1. Aqua Treadmill

The pools are equipped with an underwater treadmill with adjustable speed and resistance( in the form of water force and waves) units. Aqua Jogging or Running offers you all the benefits of running but with less impact on your body.Research shows that deep water running is relatively close to actually running in cardiovascular demand at easy-to-moderate intensities with added advantage of being safer on joints.

Fitness Services
2. Aqua Cycle

Cyling is a great way to maintain joint health, improve flexibility and mobility. It also helps to boost cardio vascular endurance. Cycling in water achieves all of the above with the added advantage of providing resistance to the moving muscles, which makes it a great combination of cardio- strength workout.

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3. Aqua Elliptical

Aqua based Elliptical or a cross- trainer is a great whole body workout device that enables water-resisted upper body and lower-body reciprocal movements ensuring a greater fat burn and workout intensity.

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Aqua Strength:

A program consisting of Core strengthening, muscle strengthening and flexibility using Internationally sourced Aquatic Therapy equipment under supervision of an Aquatic Therapy Trained Physiotherapist. The resistance of the water ensures that opposing muscle groups are worked with each movement as you push and pull opposing water force

Equipment used- Hand Held water helmets, Push-Pull Plates, Flippers, Aqua Dumbells, Noodles, Foam roller pins, Aqua Fins etc.

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